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Kenzo’s asking price hits the roof as ‘Tubonga Nawe’ boycott gets serious

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You cannot underestimate the power of people, trends, and media. This has been stamped by the Tubonga Nawe boycott that has seen many of the participants in the NRM project have flopped shows owing to the campaign theme song.

As artists in the project continue to register flopped shows, those that didn’t participate continue to smile and register their empathy with their fans. Artists communicate with and to society and this is something the likes of Edirisa Musuuza a.k.a. Eddy Kenzo and Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu a.k.a. Bobi Wine have used to their full benefit.

As BABA FM gets revved to host their annual Ekitudha, their conversation with Eddy Kenzo took a twist when they spoke of a performance in Jinja. Kenzo was quick to slam a 9 million asking price in their faces. When they asked why the price had risen astronomically, his answer was, “Nze sali mu Tubonga Nawe….” Loosely translated to “I wasn’t a part of the Tubonga Nawe project.” The emissaries were dumbfounded but they pressed hard and Kenzo cut off to 7 million.

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7 million was still too much and consultations had to be made. When consensus was reached, Eddy Kenzo had already been booked for a show in West Africa a day before the Ekitudha. This meant that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t make it.

Meanwhile, we have also learned that Matthias Walukagga asked for 4 million up from his usual 2 million, and that Bobi Wine asked for 5 million up from his 4 million. You can expect this boycott to get more real than it is now

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