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KAMPALA: Rapper TimothyCODE pays homage to his roots on ‘Kita’

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It’s interesting and mind-blowing what touching base with ancestry can do to a creative’s thought process. A mind-journey from Kampala to the Kabale in South West Uganda is all TimothyCODE needed to effortlessly deliver on Kita, his latest single.

Having made a stamped return to the rap game in late 2016 after a two-year sabbatical, TimothyCODE rides on Kita to revel in where his lyrical prowess is birthed. The 2016 VUQA Cypher, an all-star Ugandan cypher was proof TimothyCODE had returned and was bound to have a great rap journey ahead.

Kita, sliced off Ekitaguriro, is a braggart piece about the South West where the rapper, born Timothy Muhumuza, hails from. He drops bars about what makes them stand out, his relevance to the rap game and why you need to pay attention, making sure he loops his people in on language.

Am from the South West… land of milk and honeys… where we turn beef into money… by eating green, it’s funny… bringing new meaning to stomping the yard… Mukiga Chris, I’m bout to hit the ground… going in hard… yamawe… This that music from the hills… bring it back to the city… this that UG Western feel… and I’m bout to go classic in a minute… that Kiga flow in Hip Hop, we did it… imma flip the words… so my community get it…” first verse off the 4 minutes and 5 seconds song produced by Baru Beats and Abassa.

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TimothyCODE is an award winning Ugandan Hip Hop artiste born, bred and based in the capital, Kampala. With an early love for music in his early teens, influence by artistes Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, Eminem and Uganda’s Klear Kut and a high-school choice to study History and Literature, TimothyCODE has nurtured a rapping style which he describes as ‘Highly Intelligent Wordplay’ and ‘Use of a Unique Flow’.

TimothyCODE recently established ‘The Crown Ace’, his own independent music label, after making it to Nigerian Afro-Pop star, Mr. Eazi’s EmPawa Africa initiative among the 100 Young African artistes to benefit from the initiative. He is currently in studio working on Crown Day, his debut studio album called set to be released later this year.

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