Jinja’s Google Business Group to celebrate International Women;s Day this Friday

It’s never too late to celebrate women, after all, everyday presents another opportunity to do exactly that. International Women’s Day is just but a day put aside to advance women’s voices and needs.

Jinja’s Google Business Group will celebrate the International Women’s Day a week after the World known day. The celebration is happening this Friday at Al-Nisaa Hotel & Spa on Iganga Road with a focus on helping women put things into perspective.

“A lot of women out there have taken the step and gone into business. Some are startups, some are SMEs, some are sole proprietorships… entrepenuers basically and one of the underlying challenges has been adaptation to the current trends,” offered Anita Kiconco the GBG Jinja Womenwill Lead.

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“To celebrate IWD (International Women’s Day), we will be looking at how, besides other focus points, we can use technology to better run their businesses and ideas, with a focus on women,” Anita added.

The GBG IWD (Google Business Group International Women’s Day) will be a prompt 3hr affair running from 3pm to 6pm.

Al-Nisaa Hotel and Spa is the ideal choice as it’s a woman-owned business offering beauty and wellness solutions for women.

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