Jinja Mayor Majid Batambuze secretly introduced over the weekend

Majid Batambuze with Wendy SharronStar on their kwanjula day

The Internet never sleeps and what is done in secret always comes out on the internet. Our Celebrity Gossip and Politics desk today landed on pictorial evidence of the Jinja Mayor, NRM’s Majid Batambuze, in what seemed a traditional wedding.

The photos were posted by a one Wendy SharronStar and captioned to show a promise fulfilled. “A seed grows with no sound but a tree falls with a huge noise. Destruction has noise, but creation is quite this is the power ov silence. ( KIBOKO KYANGU, MY DUDU. Thank you for keeping ur promise. Am forever yours MWAMI MAJID BATAMBUZE ?????? Glory to the almighty.❤,” wrote Wendy.

Until this post, Majid has not been known to talk about his private life in public to the point that this came as surprise news to many. We couldn’t independently verify but according to people known to him, Majid Batambuze has a wife who lives in the UK together with their children and that Wendy becomes the second wife to the staunch Muslim politician.

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Nothing much is known about Wendy but close friends put her in the league of slay queens with her love for the good and finer life. This can be witnessed by her choice of service providers for her big day. Daville K. Mutabazi (Photography), Zipper Atafo and Shybah Kafuuma (Makeup), 1608 Nince Designs (Decor), Ochestra (Sound System), Modasha (Catering). Wendy runs a boutique, Dash Star Fashion House located at Lubowa Quality Shopping Village Mall and she was her own stylist helped out by Mildred Nabukeera. Rumor also has it that Wendy is baking a bun in her oven.

Majid Batambuze became the Jinja Mayor after trouncing Al-Hajji Muhammad Baswale Kezaala in the last general elections, something that was contested by the Kezaala camp. Court last year made a ruling in favor of Majid Batambuze.

From us her at Skizar, congratulations to you Mr. Batambuze Majid and Wendy SharronStar.

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