Is your Facebook Page complete? Five things most artistes miss out

According to Juliana is currently (29th March 2019) the most popular singer on Facebook in Uganda at 1,106,801 fans. (Photo Credit:
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For today, let’s get back to Social Media basics. Since it is no longer Rocket Science that Social Media is extremely vital in this era, having a Facebook Page is almost the very first thing every artiste does. Unknown to many, managing and maintaining a Facebook Page is a lot more difficult than most people think. Many artistes end up putting all the focus on their Facebook Profile since, to them, it is easier to generate engagement there.

I have visited countless Facebook Pages of artistes and I realized that the most basic information to benefit a first-time visitor to the page is left out, knowingly or unknowingly. Hey, the hard reality is that people will only visit your Facebook Page once! Almost 99% of your fans will never check out your Facebook Page again after their first visit that, if it was worth, ended up with a Like. They will most probably see your posts in their news-feed, or they won’t.

Question: Are Facebook pages still important then if most people never visit them? Answer is: Yes, they are!

When content like photos, videos, posts, polls et cetera reach and impress a new person or fan out there, this is the only time they will visit your page, and when they, you will definitely want to make a great impression; you have to do something there and then. Sell some branded merchandise (T-shirts, caps, hoodies…), get their email or phone number… you have to do something naye for some reason(s), many artistes don’t capitalize on the opportunities their Facebook Pages present.

Rapper Sylvester Kabombo’s apparel merchandise. (Photo Credit: Sylvester/Facebook)

Here are five things you must do to engage a new fan visiting your Facebook Page for the very first time.

1. Add a Cover Video

Many artistes opt for a Cover Image, but a moving image communicates more than a static one. Produce and upload a 20 – 90 seconds video that communicates who you are as an artiste, your kind of vibe, what you stand for… something that sells you. etc.

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2. Want to make a merchandise sale?

Send these people to your website or automatically start a conversation in Messenger. Facebook Pages have a dominant Call To Action button and an automated Messenger system that you can configure to pop up when someone visits your Facebook Page. The idea here is to convert this new visitor because they might never visit your page again.

3. Reference to the ‘Call To Action’ button in the Cover image or video.

Lately, Social Media ads are everywhere and somehow, most user’s eyes are starting to become immune to ads and ‘Call To Action’ commands. For you to beat this, use your Cover Video or Image to draw attention to the ‘Call To Action’ button.

Ykee Benda’s CTA button on his Facebook page is “Call Now”

4. Have something to sell

It is sad but in Uganda, as an artiste, you are going to mainly survive on money from shows/concerts but then, you need to survive. Have a side hustle and use your Facebook Page and your other Social Media platforms to create awareness for it.

Lately, I’ve seen posts of Shammy K on Facebook and Instagram with the hash tag #ShammyArmy. To build and maximize this brand tag, produce some cool branded merchandise with the hash tag. Think of T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, caps, key-rings, et cetera and before long, you will be getting an extra buck off this.

5. Complete the ‘About’ page section.

Many artistes use this space to only write their booking contacts! Lol! Like seriously??? This is total bulls***! This is the only place on your Facebook Page where you have to talk about yourself as an artiste and what kind of music you do. This is when you sell yourself to that first-time visitor; you either impress them or not. Always remember that they may not visit your Facebook Page again. So, rock it.

I know these small five, yet important things will prompt you to optimize and maximize your Facebook Page. We meet again next week as we build this industry Brick By Brick.

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