Is Phillip Kamau the new owner of Spot6 Pub & Grill?


Just a month back, we reported that Spot6 Bar & Grill had been sold off to a new team. In that story, we reported that the man behind the transaction on the new team was Waiswa Fred. We have been closely following trends at the bar that chose to retain its name in the meantime.

We have been on the lookout for what was going to change about the bar and how they were going to do it. During this lookout, we discovered something that caught our attention.

Fred, whom we know as the new owner, might not be the real owner of the bar. Fine, he paid the money to Seguya Francis, and has been around to make final judgment on management decisions. We have seen the guys at the bar, Phillip (Manager) and Richard (Supervisor), wait for Fred to give final word on any decision they make including how much beer to stock, which waitresses to hire and fire, where to place a certain screen, and lots of small stuff. Fred has the final say on all this. Do not be surprised if they have to consult him when you ask for where to sit!

A few weeks back, during one of these decision making meeting of theirs, we bumped into Fred who had excused himself to make a call outside talking on phone. We eavesdropped and the conversation bordered so much on what they were discussing in the meeting. To us, it seemed like Fred had to get orders from someone else before saying yes to “his” guys on ground. You know how we love to dig up stuff; we decided to make this a priority; who was the real owner of Spot6 after Seguya had left?

A few days after that incident, we again bumped into Phillip. For those of you that do not know Phillip, Phillip is the guy who is credited for Spot6’s success. Late last year, Phillip had misunderstandings with his bosses at Spot6 and when they couldn’t agree on anything, he left. When he left, Spot6 suffered to a point that it had to be sold off. Weekends were like Mondays; you’d find about 4 people on a vibrant Saturday night. Phillip knew exactly how to get people to the bar and knew what tricks to use to get them to spend. When the bar was sold off, Phillip came back just like that… and so did the people that used to patronize the bar.


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When we bumped into Phillip, he was on phone and he was giving directives. He was sure to not give off any clues but we had already smelt a rat and were following up. A few hours after he’d been on phone, we saw Fred come in and gave the same directives that Phillip was giving on phone! Was Fred taking orders from Phillip?

Maybe yes, maybe no! We replayed some events prior to our snooping and guess what, we are more convinced that Fred is surely not the owner but a guy placed there to look like he is. Before any decision is made, Fred always has to excuse himself or buy time before giving a yes or no answer. What we are not sure about is whether Phillip is the guy we suspect to be Fred’s boss.

You know us and we are going to promise you one thing; we are going to find out who the real boss is. Just keep it locked here and on our Facebook page.

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