Is it still fashionable to wear red on Valentine’s Day?

If you asked, we don’t think so! Red is such a beautiful and rich color that can be spotted miles away and that’s where the problem is. It’s extremely loud and…. we don’t think its still fashionable.

Red on Valentine’s Day is too cliché; everyone has it in mind that the best and most appropriate color to don today is red, all in the name of expressing love. Someone out there did shop two weeks back for today. They threw in some red lingerie, some red dress, some red heels and probably a red clutch. That’s fine but hey, stop and think; if you wore yellow or blue, or even purple, would it make you less in love? Guess not.

The problem with red is that people have mastered the art of wearing it wrong. We live in a world of so many opinions but if you’re going to wear red today, be decent enough to not overdo it; do it right. In this era of selfies and instant photo sharing, you’d want your 2017 Valentine’s Day photos to be memorable.

So, here’s how to do it right

See how confident the lady turns out

Red is so loud and could kill the eye; its so powerful but if patterned with a second color, that would strike a balance. Take for example you are to wear a little red dress, don’t spoil it with red shoes. Go for black, beige, or gold colors. Animal patterns and polka dots could also do the magic on the little red dress.

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It still looks funny seeing a man wear a red shirt but if you’re bold enough to own one and plan on wearing it tonight, pair it with black pants or jeans. And please, just for today, leave out red shoes; even when its your most expensive AirMax pair unless of course you plan on going casual all the way.

Accessorize your black dress with red jewelry

Another classy way is to pair red with white. You could wear a white dress and compliment it with red heels. The idea is to not give us the impression that you’re trying so hard to get noticed. All people that scream for attention end up looking stupid! Our guess is that you wouldn’t want stupid to be your label tonight.

For those of you with African themed jewelry, and happen to have it in red, wearing that on a black would bring out the most beautiful you. The red attempts to shout but the black silences it with elegance. It would be like having the loud highly pitched Meeya Omuto dining at a Nile Village banquet; he will be tamed.

So, go out and look fab. Let’s wake up to beautiful selfies and stolen photo ops.

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