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In Jinja, I am number 1; One-one-one with DJ Baby Job


We remember you as part of Urban Noize DJs. How far did you go as a team; are you still with them or you’re out of the group?
I would say, I was part of Urban Noize DJs but then time came and we parted ways because we didn’t have a clear strategy of how to go on. So, I’m not part of them, I am a solo DJ now.

What would you say led to the split; why did you have to leave?
First and foremost, at the time, we were all in the same workplace, Spot6 Bar & Restaurant but when I left for Queen’s Palace, we couldn’t meet often. I remember we had the Zigzag Party and we used to mash it up together but when I joined Queen’s Palace, I couldn’t join them.

To take you back a little, tell us about your first gig and pay.
My first gig was at Spot6 and I wasn’t being paid then. I was just having a good time and that is all that mattered.

They say you went to QP because of the money…
Ballimbaaa! No. Someone I used to look up to, DJ Andrae, told me they were opening up a place in Jinja. I wanted to be part of something new and it’s the reason I joined Queen’s Palace. I have been there for four years now and so far so good.

“In Jinja I am number 1. Competition is there and its healthy but it isn’t my problem…”


Did you ever walk into resistance from fellow DJs because we are told it happens a lot?
Fortunately, I was one of the very first DJs at the bar, it was me and DJ Andrae. I was still at campus and I would be away for some days but later on, DJ Cross joined the team. I didn’t ever walk into “not being liked”

Looking back on when Queen’s Palace started, everyone looked at the place as a kidandali bar. Did you also switch from urban to kidandali?
No no no. I am a DJ and I can’t really put myself in one genre of music. But back then, my style of play was out of the QP code. At Spot6, we were urban and we played for an urban crowd. Here I was at a local bar, back then. I would play a whole set minus playing a kidandali song back at Spot6 but things here were the opposite; the music policy was kidandali. I almost went on that highway but I decided to create my own audience. You’ve been to the VIP and I think you’ve noticed the difference over years.

How would you rate yourself as DJ at the moment?
(Pauses as he thinks) … In Jinja I am number 1. Competition is there and its healthy but it isn’t my problem.

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Take us back to your childhood
I was born and raised in Walukuba. I only went to live with my sister in Mbikko at the age of 14. I loved football back then. I quit the dream because I achieved most of the things I wanted in soccer. I played in almost all levels here and outside the country. Back then it was hectic and it was too much work. I still play though.

For my education, I was at Main Street and joined Iganga Boys for my P4 and P5. I was expelled and came back to Main Street. After my primary, I joined Lords Meade in Njeru and for my A’Level, I went to Bishop SS in Mukono.


Queen’s Palace’s DJ CrossHD (wearing headphones) and DJ Baby Job. (Photo Credit: Skizar)

Where did the love to join deejaying come from yet you had a soccer dream?
While at campus, we used to hangout at Spot6 Bar & Grill. I used to love RnB, Old Skool and urban music. There were 3 DJs mashing up and I enjoyed their sets. I remember it was Aldo, DJ Eight, and DJ Dhavy. I was with a friend of mine, Shepherd and I told him I wanted to be like them. I came back one Monday and I found another guy, DJ Andrae playing videos and that’s where the dream and love was made. I did maalo at the video transitions, effects… I actually didn’t join deejaying for money; it was love at first sight. I had to learn. I continued admiring and making friends with the guys

One Sunday, I come back and was chatting with Phillip the barman. There was no DJ and he asked if I knew how to play. I didn’t know but I said yes. I only knew Virtual DJ. Good thing, I had the love and had watched some stuff. I played for the night though I was shaky. Surprisingly, people loved my set that night.

So, what do you do at Queen’s Palace exactly and do you ever regret being there?
I am a DJ and the head of marketing. I play music and my other task is to push the QP brand. I’m happy that we are now a brand. We organize events and I do most of the co-ordination. About regrets, well, every man has dreams and I cannot say I have achieved all of them but I do not regret being at Queen’s Palace. That’s where I even met my girl. We went to the same school sometime back and fate brought us back in the same place at QP. So, no; I don’t regret.

And last but not least, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I do not see myself being a DJ 5 years ahead. I’m growing and at some point I am going to have a family. I do not really see myself in this night life.

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