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I wasn’t fired from Spot6, I left on my own; Philip


Midway January 2016, the axe at Spot6 swung and some heads weren’t spared. Until recently, it has been public knowledge that the hangout’s longest serving barman, Philip Kamau, was fired for incompetence. Philip wasn’t fired alone, along with him went Barbara, the longest serving waitress at the hangout. It is still not clear why Barbara was shown the exit but Philip, in an exclusive exposé, came out and denied ever being fired. Below, we try to reproduce a chat we had with Philip;

“I have heard people claim that I was fired from Spot6. It is not true. First, it is not a crime when someone is fired from a place but I wasn’t. Secondly, you (Skizar) know that I was working at Speke Courts after I left Spot6. When Fred (the new Spot6 owner) came to me and asked me to consider going back to work with Spot6, I gave him some conditions he had to meet for me to even consider the offer. My boss at Speke Courts was and is still a good man, so leaving him had to be worth it.”

Phillip went on to give details about the conditions set and the later agreement; “We spoke mainly about money because it is the main reason I had left that place. We agreed on a figure and that’s how I came back to Spot6 under the new management.”

“A few weeks after coming back, a lot of things happened and my new boss asked me to accept a pay less by 100,000UGX as we got the place up and running. I accepted since I also saw it myself. Early this week (when we had this chat), we had a meeting and the gentleman didn’t ask but told me that “they” had reached an agreement and that payments should be made every day, not every month. I was okay with whatever was okay until he said that my pay was going to be 10,000UGX every day I worked behind the counter.”

“He probably thought I was going to come back because he told people the next day that I had gone back to beg him to take me back. I have never and will never beg to be paid peanuts…”


At this point, Philip got a little bitter and exposed some things we’re not about to share with you. We will leave out certain details;

“I can comfortably tell you that I can’t work for 10,000UGX as a bar man. I have people in my care, I have rent to pay, I have a lot of other things to do. I kindly asked him why “they” had reached that decision and all he could say was that I wasn’t performing. I simply told him I couldn’t work for that money considering that I only worked behind the counter 12 days in a month, which is every weekend. If you do the Math that is 120,000UGX for a bar man at Spot6! I told him I was leaving and I actually stood up and left the meeting. He probably thought I was going to come back because he told people the next day that I had gone back to beg him to take me back. I have never and will never beg to be paid peanuts”

We asked Philip what his next plan was and he exclusively told us he was going back to Speke Courts but this time as a Marketing Manager. “I am not going to work behind a bar counter because I think bar owners have started despising what we do. I got an offer to join a bar opening up on Iganga Road but I’m not even considering it. I’m back at Speke Courts as a Marketing Manager.”

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