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I haven’t, didn’t and will never insult anyone on radio; Dr. Longido


87.7 BABA FM Executive Director has been in the news lately over his silent beef with comedian Swengere and a couple of other staffers that have since left the Bugembe based radio station. We caught up with him to clear the air on some issues.

First and foremost, what is your comment on these crossovers? It seems like there’s more than meets the eye.
Well, there is really nothing to comment about. In radio business, and in all businesses, it is very normal for employees to seek greener pastures. As a radio station, we do not stop anyone from leaving for greener pastures. I personally moved from Radio Simba FM and at some point, employees like Amooti, Senkubuge Siasa, Kiiwa Paul Katna, Sam Gombya, and others left. Have you heard that Radio Simba closed shop? No. There’s a time employees from CBS left but the radio is still standing.

The same applies to BABA FM; employees come and go. We do not have any problem with anyone leaving. Anyole, Kasolo, and Isabirye asked to leave and we let them go. It is only one person and that is Swengere who seems to have a problem. He had his misunderstandings with my boss. You know what happened when he and others were suspended. Time came for them to return in August and they had to meet with my bosses before returning on air. The others followed the procedure, met with honorable, and were back on the job but Swengere refused. To date, honorable is waiting for him to meet with him personally before he goes back on air. This stems from comments he made in public and on social media platforms that you might also have seen or heard.

So, do you mean that you only have a problem with Swengere and that he wasn’t released like we know?
It’s not me who has a problem with him, it is the bosses. And I told you, he has to meet with the bosses before he goes on BABA FM airwaves again.

There were social media posts we saw to the effect that you insulted all the boys who left BABA FM in your programme ‘Ekibbittu’
Where did you see them?


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We saw them on Facebook. They were posted by someone who claims they were tuned in and heard you insult the boys.
Well, most people do not know how radio operates. For anything you hear on this station or any other station, it is recorded and stored by Synovate. Do you know Synovate? (Of course we know Synovate!) Well, if you want the clips of that programme on the said day, just walk up to Synovate and request the recordings. We do record here but you may not believe their authenticity.

Secondly, for the time I have worked on radio, I haven’t, didn’t, and will never insult anyone. If you need more clarity on that said day and the insults, you’re better off asking the person who posted them and the guys at Synovate.

There is talk of BABA FM falling out with Busoga Kingdom over an MOU that was signed back then. Would you care to comment on that?
I am the Executive Director at BABA FM. My docket ends at the station. For anything beyond these premises, that is handled by the board. Even the suspension of Anyole, Aga, and Swengere was by the board. For that, you will have to ask Honorable (Balyeku Moses Grace); I know nothing about it.

Given your relationship with Balyeku Moses Grace, you could know something about his other entertainment businesses like Bax Bar and Club Velvet…
For that, you will have to talk to honorable still.

What would you last words be today?
BABA FM is still strong and will be strong. This radio is bigger than anyone here. We are all smaller than BABA FM and even if I left, the station will remain. There should be no concern that we’re falling anytime soon because some employees left. And like I told you, all our employees left on their own accord and the few that were laid off left after a settlement. So, we do not have a problem with anyone.


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