How to wear the Bodycon Dress; rock one this Valentine’s Day

Wearing a Bodycon Dress is a bold statement of self-esteem and body confidence. The dress draws its name from a shortening of the phrase “body conscious.” The dress clings tightly to the body, showcasing the figure and leaving little to the imagination.

Bodycon dresses must be accessorized correctly to avoid a fashion police situation; that means choosing the right shoes, tights, belt, jacket, and jewelry. The tight fitting nature of the dress means that it is even more important than usual to wear the right underwear. The beauty though is that Bodycon dresses can be accessorized for both day and evening wear.

As the dress is extremely close fitting, avoiding visible panty lines is crucial. Bodycon dresses and accessories can be found at most boutiques, high street clothing shops, and department stores.

What is a Bodycon Dress?

A Bodycon Dress is a one-piece figure hugging garment that clings tightly to the body from the bust to the lower hem. It typically has three lengths to choose from: upper thigh, mid thigh or knee. Bodycon dresses are usually made of a lycra, an elastic polyurethane fiber or fabric used especially for close-fitting sports clothing. and polyester blend, to give them enough elasticity to hug the figure smoothly. These tight fitting dresses are popular as evening wear, but are increasingly worn as day wear when correctly and creatively accessorized.

Bodycon dresses have evolved from a simple style and now can appear in various guises; some are strapless, while others have wide straps or sleeves. The neckline is typically low, showing a considerable amount of cleavage. Many Bodycon dresses have cut away sections and peepholes running down the sides of the dresses, and others are backless.

Perfect. Who should wear a Bodycon Dress?

Bodycon dresses cling to every curve and bump of the body, so it takes a confident woman to successfully carry the look off. The form-fitting nature of the dress emphasizes the silhouette and lends itself most successfully to slim and curvaceous women.

Hourglass figure
The hourglass shaped woman has equally generously proportioned hips and chest, and a well defined waist. These luscious curves work well with a Bodycon dress and the dress can be tremendously flattering.
Pear-shaped figure
Pear shaped women have small chests, but broad hips. This figure is generally not suited to Bodycon dresses. The clinging material emphasizes the hips, and makes the body look unbalanced or ill-proportioned.
Apple-shaped figure
Apple shaped women have broad stomachs, broad hips, and no waist definition. On this figure, a Bodycon dress gives the appearance of roundness and lack of shape in the body.
Inverted Triangle figure
Women with inverted triangle, or heart shaped figures have a large bust, narrow hips, and no waist definition. This figure is not suited to Bodycon dresses as it emphasizes the triangular shape of the silhouette and gives the illusion of an extra broad upper body.

Accessorizing the Bodycon Dress; what really works?

Correctly accessorizing a Bodycon Dress is the key to a successful outfit. Remember, traditionally, Bodycon dresses are worn as evening wear, with elegant or glamorous accessories. It is becoming increasingly popular to combine shorter Bodycon dresses with other garments or accessories to create a suitable everyday outfit, without the wearer looking out of place.

Heeled Zip boot

High heels and boots with a stiletto heel are very popular when paired with a Bodycon dress, especially for evening wear. Thigh high boots are daring, and can create a sexy, sensual look. Add a stiletto heel to these boots and the Bodycon dress tells every observer that the wearer is a confident woman: very comfortable in her own skin. Flat shoes of a matching color or theme to the dress are a good choice when dressing down a Bodycon dress for daywear. Sandals are also an option in warmer weather.

Colored tights can enhance the block colored Bodycon

In cooler weather, thick tights worn under a Bodycon dress help to keep the wearer warm. They can also be used to add color to a plain outfit. Brightly colored tights look great, coupled with a dark colored Bodycon dress. If color and texture are unwanted for an otherwise plain outfit, patterned tights can break up a large block color. If the wearer is not dressing for warmth, then thin, sheer tights are more appropriate for the evening, especially if the tights have a lustrous sheen. When choosing tights make sure that they have a thin waistband that will not create a line when worn under the Bodycon dress.

A slim chain belt

Belts are very useful accessories to wear with a Bodycon dress, especially to break up the monotony of a block colored dress. The belt should be chosen to either contrast with or match the color of the dress. Either a wide or narrow belt can be worn. Narrow belts emphasize the definition of the waist and create the illusion of greater curves. If the Bodycon dress is to be worn as day wear, a large, loose chunky belt can be worn to create an air of informality and make the dress less eye-catching.

Jackets and cardigans
Jackets and cardigans can be worn to accessorize a Bodycon dress for a variety of settings. A bolero jacket works well for both casual and formal outfits. As the bottom of the jacket falls above the hips, it emphasizes the waist definition and highlights the bust. For formal evening wear, a light, cashmere cardigan or shawl can be worn across the shoulders. If the Bodycon dress is being worn for casual daywear, a long knitted cardigan, the length of the dress can be worn, especially in autumn and winter. This allows the front of the dress to be seen, while creating a simple, less risqué look.

Dangly earrongs

Jewelry can be a useful accessory for a Bodycon dress, but is also good to be aware of when to go without jewelry, in the case of a dress that is stunning by itself. Many Bodycon dresses have low cut, plunging necklines, or leave the shoulders bare, so a large, long necklace, made from beads, or a chain with a large metalwork pendant is a good choice, especially for a block colored dress. It creates a focal point within the outfit. For women wearing dresses with bare shoulders and swept back hair, long, dangly earrings with a splash of glitter or delicate, sparkling studs, help to draw the eye upward. For day wear, beaded necklaces, either in simple materials, like wood, or in vibrant colors, can reduce the amount of bare skin showing at the top of dress.

Wearing the right underwear is crucial when wearing a Bodycon dress. Visible panty lines are disastrous, as they draw attention away from the smooth lines of the dress and can making the wearer, and observers, feel uncomfortable.
Knickers: Some women find thongs are an excellent solution. They offer good frontal coverage, while the thin waistband sits high on the hips. The back of the knickers becomes a thin string, which sits between the buttocks. This means that there are no visible panty lines.
Bras: The right bra is another vital choice when considering underwear for a Bodycon dress. Backless dresses require a backless bra and strapless dresses require a strapless one. For Bodycon dresses with a very low cut or revealing neckline, a supportive bra that offers intense shaping is often favored to present the cleavage well. A push up bra, such as a Wonderbra is popular choice with Bodycon dresses. The bra lifts the breasts and creates enhanced cleavage. When pairing a bra with a Bodycon dress, try to find a seamless bra to avoid any unsightly lines under the dress.
Shapewear: In order to have the confidence to wear a Bodycon dress, some women need a little bit of extra help. This help comes in the form of body shaping underwear, or shapewear. Shapewear helps to slim the parts of the body that it covers, and can be used to hide cellulite. Full body shapers fit from the bust to the thighs. Waist cinchers are available which flatten the stomach, and give additional definition to the waist. Thigh and stomach shapers slim the thighs, buttocks, and stomach, without creating visible panty lines. Control knickers shape the stomach and buttocks to create a flatter tummy and a perkier bottom.

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