How to enjoy and make your stay at Speke Resort Munyonyo memorable

Speke Resort's Lake Terrace restaurant truly provides a novel dining experience. (Photo Courtesy: Speke Resort/Twitter)
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Speke Resort, for those who do not know, is a hotel-resort in Kampala, Uganda and is one of the five 4-star hotels in Kampala. The resort is synonymous with affluence given its reputation for hosting top dignitaries, including visiting Heads of State. What eludes most people is that as much as the resort is exquisite in nearly all aspects, it is accommodative of guests from almost all walks of life; neither affluence nor origin are limiting bits.

The resort that boasts of a total of 6 restaurants, a luxury choice of cottages and apartments, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a fitness facility, an equestrian center, a marina with a rich flotilla and conference facilities, has more to offer than just these and the service; the resort is rich on experience for returning and new guests.

Pork Chops served with Mashed Potatoes. (Photo Credit: Ian Kiryowa)

Food is usually the most expensive aspect of any given outing experience and given the reputation Speke Resort has, its easy to believe that the food is expensive! Do not get it twisted! Prepared and served in the most inviting presentation, the food is neither cheap nor expensive; it is affordable and it is value for money. It was inconceivable looking at the continental menu and the most expensive item was at 40k! I had to dig in.

While at Speke Resort, make an effort to check out the marina. They have a selection of chauffeured and self-drive boats to hire for up to 8hrs. There’s also a party boat for those into water party cruises. The Sundowner has a capacity of 70 people and doing the mathematics, it is way cheaper than what you have come across. On the Sundowner, you can go up to Bulago Island, Entebbe, Ngamba Chimp Island and Ssanga Island. Try it out and mark out the difference yourself.

If I’m not mistaken, Speke Resort has the biggest pool in Kampala. The Olympic-size pool is next to the well equipped fitness center full with gym, sauna and steam and aerobics. A single affordable fee gets you access to all these facilities for a day; not just hours. I personally haven’t seen that anywhere else so, make use of the facilities while at the resort.

A guest trains at Speke Resort’s equestrian center. (Photo Credit: Ian Kiryowa)

An equestrian center is created and maintained for the purpose of accommodating, training or competing horses. Speke Resort has horses for guests who wish to train and those who simply need a short ride around for the fun of it. The best days to try this out are usually Saturdays and Sundays though you can come in any day of the week. It was my first time riding a horse and trust me, I want to do it again and again…

On Sunday, the resort hosts a family affair dubbed ‘Sunday Funday’ at the lakeside pool area. For this, there’s a live band on the first Sunday, acrobatics and stunts on the second Sunday and a market day on the third Sunday. I’m yet to try out the market day but it seems to make for a fun way to spend a Sunday. Besides the themed Sundays, every Sunday offers guests live cooking, nyama choma and fresh whole fish grills, draught beer and kids’ games. You basically get a complete family day on Sunday at the resort.

For guests staying at the resort, you have a selection of luxury apartments, executive suites, presidential suites and cottages to choose from. Besides the excellent and responsive reception and room service, your booking is inclusive of a really heavy breakfast and access to the swimming pool and fitness center. Still, I personally haven’t come across this kind of offering.

A wedding reception setup at the Speke Resort lake side. (Photo Credit: Internet)

To cap it off, the resort is a free venue for photo-shoots irrespective of whether you’re a guest or not. I’ve seen a couple of newly-weds getting their photos there and I thought it was paid for but it is free of charge though the Resort has a space big enough to host a number of wedding receptions at the same time. The resort also has a honeymoon offer for newlyweds. I know a number of couples who have taken the offer and their tales are all praises of the experience.

I will not lie that I got a fill of what Speke Resort has to offer but why now would you fail to visit Speke Resort Munyonyo and get the most out of it. #VisitMunyonyo today.

Leave as a a satisfied guest and you’re sure to return to Speke Resort Munyonyo. (Photo Credit: Ian Kiryowa)
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