Friends start fundraising drive to help Napoleon; #HelpNapoleon

Innocent 'Napoleone' Asiimwe. (Photo Credit: Donald Kirya)
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Singer Napoleon, real name Innocent Asiimwe, is on the verge of running mad; that is if he isn’t already mad. We can exclusively reveal that most of the people he’s been hanging out with are sure ‘he’s gone.’

Napoleon right now needs intervention before it gets worse than it already seems. Despite that many renown musicians including Jose Chameleon and Mowzey Radio (RIP) tried to help him, none succeeded in convincing him into behavior change, which is what Napoleon dearly needs.

It is at this point that we here at Skizar, have started a fundraising drive and are calling on all stakeholders in the entertainment industry and Jinja to come and help out.

Skizar’s Aldo Esiru

“I reached out to a friend, Bill Kehunde, and he is willing to help. He says the very first step is to book him into Butabika and he will take over from there,” said Skizar’s Aldo Esiru. “We need to start a simple drive for funds because he will need some stuff while there and we also have to facilitate the process,” he added.

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At the time of publishing this story, from Skizar | VIP Access, the official Skizar WhatsApp group, there’s already 100K from friends who want to see Napoleon well and good.

We are also talking to different people and institutions and we are hopeful that we can save a bother. Every little help counts. For financial contributions, send money to;

Send to 0704 772707 (Registered to Felix Ssekamwa) and 0789 939406 (Registered to Aldo Esiru)

As you send, state the reason as “#HelpNapoleone Your Name” … for example; #HelpNapoleon Aldo Esiru. This will help us to recognize you and acknowledge receipt.

BOTBY W-700×150