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Former LC3 Candidate for Jinja Central Division held for aggravated defilement


The ghosts of the recently concluded local government polls seem to be still haunting us and the most affected victims seem to be the former candidates. The ones that lost have been up to all games while the ones that won have also been up to a lot of orientation.

For former Jinja Central Division L3 Chairman Candidate, Juma Kinyiri, the ghosts seem to be shouting instead of haunting him. How else would you explain a man that would go on to defile his biological daughter for 3 years? Well, it is still an allegation but according to the history of the case which is being handled by the Jinja Central Police Station under reference number SD/78/12/3/16, all evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

Kinyiri was picked from his home on Kiira Road yesterday after his daughter (names withheld) finally decided to report the abuse he had subjected her to for 3 years. The girl narrated how she had been forced into sex by her dad for 3 years.

According to information obtained from CPS Jinja, Kinyiri first took advantage of his daughter in 2014 when she had just turned 10 years. The girl narrated how one night her dad came home late (according to her, he always comes home late drunk!) and after moving through the house, he came to her room with a towel wrapped around him. At the time, the girl was sharing the room with her little brother who shares the father’s name with an extension of Junior.

Kinyiri used a torch to scan the room and directed the flashlight to the boy. When he realized the boy was asleep, he dropped the towel and got into the bed and defiled his girl and when she attempted to make an alarm, he used his large palm to cover her mouth and threatened to slit her throat if she made an alarm. What Kinyiri didn’t know was that the boy he assumed to be sleeping was indeed awake and heard everything. He went on for some time till he had his fill and left.


“In the meeting, we are told Kinyiri confessed and blamed it on a native doctor he had visited to get wealth. We are further told that Kinyiri was seriously cautioned and the matter was kept at that…”

In the morning, the girl together with her kid brother reported to the mum and just like any mum, the woman, Nayonjo Zainabu, asked why she hadn’t made an alarm. The girl gave her defense and the woman attacked the husband only for him to deny. Zainabu asked the girl to let her know the next time he walks into her room. Kinyiri kept away from the girl for close to 6 months.

It is when Zainabu fell sick and went away for 2 months that Kinyiri pounced again. The girl was helpless since there was no mother to report to. He used the girl on 7 occasions! When Zainabu returned, the girl reported what had happened and together with the girl, they sought the counsel of the Local Chairman who convened a meeting. In the meeting, we are told Kinyiri confessed and blamed it on a native doctor he had visited to get wealth. We are further told that Kinyiri was seriously cautioned and the matter was kept at that.

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It came as a shock that recently, as you were there making noise mbu “Tubonga Nawe”, “Toka Kwa Bara Bara”, Kinyiri was hatching a plan to sneak in on his daughter again. He finally got a chance and pounced on the helpless girl. She reported the matter and this time, they suspected he would come back; so they hatched a fool-proof plan where the little boy was to sleep in the girl’s room and the girl in the boy’s room. Once gain, Kinyiri walked into the room and this is when the boy made an alarm. Neighbors and the local authorities were notified and police was notified.

From what we have gathered, arresting Kinyiri was like arresting three terrorists. A whole police section had to be deployed to affect the arrest. Kinyiri was arrested yesterday (Tuesday) and is currently being held at CPS Jinja.


In a press interview yesterday, Kinyiri denied the allegations and pointed an accusing finger to his wife and the LC Chairman, Nicholas Engwalu, who he says are looking for ways of having him locked up so that they can move in together. He says they have been cheating on him and are now looking to make it valid. He also pointed out that the Chairman had a vendetta against him since Kinyiri had reported his links to a rebel group.

We gathered that Kinyiri is HIV+ according to tests he was submitted to and luckily enough, the girl tested negative. The girl was however unlucky that she is now 3 weeks pregnant. Zainabu Nanyonjo is the girls’s step mother since the girls’ mother passed on.

Kinyiri first contested for Central Division Chairmanship in 2006 on the UPC) ticket but he didn’t go though. He returned in the recently concluded polls but his performance was below average. You can comfortably say that even the invalid votes were more than the votes he got.

Speaking to our team, the Jinja District Police Commander, Felix Mujizi, condemned the act and said they (police) had forwarded the file to the Jinja Resident State Attorney for advice on the way forward.

Meanwhile, the talk of town right now is whether it is true or not that Kinyiri actually defiled his own daughter. This is still an allegation and the best person to prove otherwise will have to be the courts of law. Keep it locked here and on our Facebook page for developments to this story

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