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EXCLUSIVE: Why BABA TV’s Alfa Tymz snubbed the BBS Telefayina job offer


A few weeks back, in February, Buganda Kingdom owned BBS Telefayina made a move to poach BABA TV’s Alfa ‘Tymz’ Hussein. BBS seemed very confident of a win and made plans to have him join the Masengere-housed station on March 1st 2019. Alfa Tymz snubbed the offer and chose to stay at BABA TV.

On December 1st 2018, Alfa Tymz interviewed Dr. Jose Chameleone in a televised show and off-camera, Chameleone was fascinated by the on-screen poise and talent the 26 year old exhibited. Chameleone’s fascination and appreciation would later be public knowledge when he posted a short video clip of the interview on Twitter with a caption of praises.

This opened up many opportunity windows for Alfa and BBS Telefayina was one of those windows. After thorough homework, BBS made the move to poach in February and true to their game plan, even Alfa was sure he was crossing over soon.

The offer BBS offered shot up Alfa’s take-home salary by a huge percentage and also included a few perks here and there. No broadcast station in Jinja could match up, not even BABA TV owned by moneybags and Jinja Municipality West MP Balyeku Moses Grace ‘BMG’. So we thought.

Alfa Tymz, being the strategist he is, stepped back and gave the situation some thought. Joining BBS, given the terms, was a huge plus for anyone but longevity at the top had a huge question mark. Staying at BABA TV guaranteed him his job but chances of personal growth were slimmer than slim. A decision had to be made, and fast.


When news of the BBS offer made rounds in Jinja, his immediate bosses got wind of it and informed BMG who seemed reluctant to bow to any pressure, more or so from a ‘boy’ like Alfa. We are told the tables turned two days later and he (BMG) asked to meet him (Alfa).

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Alfa agreed to the meet but the scheduled appointments kept shifting, given BMG’s busy schedule. Alfa had faith in him so he waited. March 1st came and BMG was away in India but still promised to meet.

After a couple of postponements, we are told Alfa and BMG finally met. We have tried to get the finer details of the meeting but everyone is tight-lipped. What we do know however is that Alfa needed a match-up of the BBS offer and it was met to 100%!

In essence, Alfa could still retain his BABA TV and BABA FM job, get a salary increment to match the BBS offer and also get a few perks, stil to match BBS offer. That is how Alfa chose to stay, thereby snubbing the BBS job offer. Question: Who wouldn’t stay?


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