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EXCLUSIVE: “What hurts me is him saying I’ve never helped him” – Jazz Mavoko on beef with Sidesoft

Jazz Mavoko is visibly bitter with his once tight buddy. This was exposed in a 217-worded Facebook post at 5:18pm on his personal timeline, 48 minutes after Sidesoft’s WhatsApp status update. The Facebook post pointed to disappointment and a long-standing silent feud between the two Jinja born and bred creatives.

We sought out Jazz Mavoko to get an understanding of the now exposed animosity. His first reaction was one of disappointment and regret, then later reclining to let God be the judge of the whole situation.

“How can he even say I have done nothing for him? I have never denied that he helped me big time but even then, I want to believe we helped each other because I was here (Kampala) before him though I didn’t have a known song,” starts off Jazz Mavoko real name Job Balodha. “We shared ideas to reach where Uganda got to know us from. Also remember that I left Jinja after helping them reach some heights with Sandra (Sanjja). Why can’t he appreciate that little bit? That is what hurts me most in all this,” he adds.

Jazz Mavoko adds that he was nothing when he added a mark on his (Sidesoft) and Sandra Sanjja’s brand. “No one knew me or that I was the song writer behind the songs. He can’t see anything in all that?” He questions.

“if Soft can’t realize the many mistakes he made, I can now confirm he is a bad person…”

We put it to him that Sidesoft claims he requested him to be a part of a show he was organizing and he refused because there was no money. His reaction was of one hearing this for the very first time. “He lies Skizar! How can I refuse to sing for Sidesoft if he asked me? Why would I refuse? Where was the show? I think he has failed to justify his actions and now has to create stories but if it is true I refused to sing for him yet he’d requested me, let my projects stall. Let that be the punishment.”

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As we try to dig deeper into this animosity between these two, another revelation to the effect that Jazz Mavoko had started recording with some other studios to probably broaden his craft comes up.

“There are so many things that came up so I started doing songs from other studios like Jahlive. It was expected because I couldn’t focus all my music life in one studio with the same production. That’s when I started hearing words being said about me. I can’t turn around just like that but if Soft can’t realize the many mistakes he made, I can now confirm he is a bad person; I can’t begin thinking of how I lasted that long with him.”

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