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EXCLUSIVE: Swengere and Kasolo’s absence on 90.6 Busoga One FM draws mixed reactions

Swengere Family’s Hussein ‘Swengere’ Muyonjo and bosom buddy Peter ‘Rio Alton’ Kasolo have been away from their duty station at 90.6 Busoga One FM for a week now and their absence has smoked the beehive.

Some sections of the rumor mill have it that the two vocal and cheeky radio hosts were indefinitely suspended for insubordination whereas reliable channels at the radio station point to the two being on their stipulated annual leave.

“Swengere and Kasolo were not suspended,” intimated Innocent Anyole, a top administrator at the broadcast media house. “Our staff usually take leave in pairs and Kasolo was supposed to go with someone else. He wrote to me and he indicated he was going to take his with Swengere. I think they reached an arrangement with the other person,” he added. Innocent had promised to share with us the letter but hadn’t by press time.

Our phone calls first went unanswered when we sought out Swengere and Kasolo but they later returned the call. Swengere mentioned they had been doing some video shoots but offered a minute or two to talk to us.

“We were not suspended. We are on leave only that it is forced leave,” offered Swengere. “There are times when you’re told to go on leave but you don’ want. Yes. We are on forced leave,” he added.

Wait, isn’t ‘forced leave’ a suspension? We put the question to Swengere but he maintains they were not suspended.

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“At the service to pray for Mama Kadaga, Balyeku mentioned our names while speaking. He has not done that in a long time and I think somehow someone quickly interpreted the gesture as though we were bouncing back to BABA. So we’re now on forced leave as they look into it.”

Well, going by the leads we got, we’re torn between whether this is a leave or a suspension! It doesn’t help that Innocent and Swengere contradict themselves though maintain the word ‘leave’ in each other’s version. Well, there’s only one way to find out; give it time. “They are on leave and will be back on May 20th 2019 The leave lasts one month,” concluded Innocent Anyole.

Hussein ‘Swengere’ Muyonjo and Peter ‘Rio Alton’ Kasolo need no introduction as they are part of Swengere Family, an award-winning comedy outfit with skits in Lusoga running on Bukedde TV. The two are also staffers at 90.6 Busoga One FM, owned by Mugoya and Member of Parliament representing Jinja East, Paul Mwiru.

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