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EXCLUSIVE: Swengere and Kasolo bounce back at 87.7 BABA FM!

After over 30 months since they left Bugembe-based 87.7 BABA FM, bosom buddies Hussein ‘Swengere’ Muyonjo and Peter ‘Rio Alton’ Kasolo, in an unanticipated move, are set to return to what once used to be their home at BABA FM.

As much as this U-turn was kept under wraps, reliable and exclusive info is that the duo that is also part of Swengere Family is set to make it official this Sunday at the annual Ekituudha BABA FM celebration concert in Bugembe Stadium.

Swengere, popular for his role as the family head in the hilarious Swengere Family video clips, unceremoniously left 87.7 BABA FM at the end of September 2016 although his bosses maintain they have never fired him while Kasolo resigned weeks later in November 2016 in what seemed to be solidarity with his buddy.

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After leaving BABA FM which is owned by controversial moneybags Balyeku Moses Grace, also Member of Parliament representing Jinja West, the duo joined 90.6 Busoga One FM, co-owned by Jinja East legislator Paul Mwiru and a one Mugoya sparking off and fanning a cold war between loyalists of the media houses mentioned.

What does this U-turn imply? Who initiated it? We will furnish you with the finer details… This is a developing story.


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