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EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Kanye West in Uganda!

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From our sources in highly trusted places, we can exclusively confirm that American rapper Kanye West is in Uganda! The secrecy around the visit has been blown after a video mentioning it was uploaded on YouTube.

Born Kanye Omari West, the rapper earlier hinted on coming to Africa to finish Yandhi, his 2018 album that was supposed to drop on September 29th 2018. The rapper’s ninth studio album will now be released on November 23rd 2018 which is also known as Black Friday in USA.

Kanye West is now in Africa to incorporate the new concepts that came up and delayed the album release.

“I started incorporating sounds that you never heard before and pushing and having concepts that people don’t talk about. We have concepts talking about body-shaming and women being looked down upon for how many people they slept with,” Kanye said in a TMZ Live interview. “It’s just a full Ye album and those five albums I dropped earlier were like superhero rehabilitation and now the alien Ye is fully back in mode… We’re going to Africa in two weeks to record. I felt this energy when I was in Chicago. I felt the roots. We have to go to what is known as Africa,” he conclusively stated.

“the team, we have been informed, is set up in Northern Uganda somewhere along the Nile…”

How Uganda came up on his Africa countries-to-visit list is something we will never know but we can speculate that Tarrus Riley’s video did inform part of this decision. It also now answers how and why Swangz Avenue was chosen to be a part of this project.

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Currently, the team, we have been informed, is set up in Northern Uganda in Chobe Safari Lodge.

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