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EXCLUSIVE: “He told me to never mention his name or else he sues me” – Sidesoft on beef with Jazz Mavoko

It is now confirmed that producer Sidesoft and singer Jazz Mavoko will never be seen sharing anything, not even a table! The once tight buddies fell out in March last year and have at least been mature enough to keep it to themselves. It was yesterday when social media posts on WhatsaApp and Facebook exposed the deep rift.

Private chats with the two entertainment guys points to ungratefulness, jealousy and inflated ego games. Sidesoft claims he helped Jazz Mavoko make it but remembers nothing Jazz ever did for him.

“Someone wakes up and asks you to tell them what you benefit them or have ever benefited them? The person asking you this is someone who sent you texts on Messenger requesting to meet you,” intimates Sidesoft in a calm laid back tone full of regret. “It was on March 15th 2018. I remember the date vividly. He told me to stop mentioning his name anywhere and also keep as far away from the brand ‘Jazz Mavoko’ as possible,” he added.

In the chat, Sidesoft reveals that all this came up when he requested Jazz Mavoko to be a part of a show he was organizing. He didn’t have money so he chose to work with people he’d recorded and done favors for.

“I can’t associate with that brand; I don’t want to be sued…”

“He completely refused to be a part of my only one show yet he’s never given me a coin for all the things I’ve done for him plus the music I’ve produced for him. I can’t blame him but his new circle that hype him falsely and make it look like he’s the one doing everything,” added a bitter Sidesoft. “They make it look to him like we are useless and he can go on without anyone else. Where is he now? He has released 5 songs ever since we parted ways; where are they? Even the new hype he has now is because of a WhatsApp status!”

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It’s on this premise that Sidesoft shared the #SWT10 artwork with Jazz Mavoko’s song marked out. “I can’t associate with that brand; I don’t want to be sued. There are people who will not sue me for mentioning their brands. We are friends and work together. Why would I share work of someone else and leave my own?”

Sidesoft paints a picture of one playing cautious lest they get in trouble. In the Ugandan legal playground, the easiest charge anyone could bring up against you on this is obtaining money by false pretense.

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