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EXCLUSIVE: Details emerge about the Juliana-Kani social media catfight

"She's a man-snatcher"... "I'm not going to respond to her"...

On the evening of Tuesday 23rd July 2019, a one Wanta Julian Pretty made a post at exactly 1949hrs (7:49PM) to the effect that Kani Shamira, a renowned TV host in Jinja, had intentions of snatching her husband. Funny as it sounds, Julian seemed extremely bitter in the 32-worded Facebook post.

Real name Juliana Wantala, Juliana, a businesswoman into hardware and electrical wares, had a traditional wedding (Kwanjula) in which she introduced Ronnie Kakooza to her parents in January 2018. The two met in 2011 when Juliana was still a student at Busoga Light College and have since then been blessed with four children aged 11, 10, 8, and 6 years.

The story goes that after failing to secure Bukedde TV to cover their Kwanjula, Juliana fronted her childhood acquaintance Kani to do the coverage for her BABA TV show Gwensiimye which airs on Sunday for one hour from 4:00PM. Kani indeed attended and filmed the do.

Julana’s Facebook post.

Though Kani denies knowledge of Ronnie and Juliana’s relationship, Juliana insists she knew of it even though she and Kani were not really close. “I have known Ronnie for quite some time now from when I was still at university. I really had no idea that he and Juliana were in a relationship until when I covered their Kwanjula, last year” said a seemingly shocked Kani in a chat with our scribe.

Juliana claims Kani used this as a trap and seduced her husband. “I spoke to my husband and he admits they had a short-lived affair from around December 2018 till late in June 2019. You men are so lustful and I think that is how he got seduced. He says he called it off though that girl is pushing to have it go on,” intimated Juliana in a chat with this website.

“I have never had an affair with Ronnie!” intimated Kani. Kani goes on to reveal that after she filmed Ronnie and Julina’s Kwanjula, Ronnie, who she claims is a friend from some years back, extended more business to her and BABA TV by recommending Kani’s show to his friends and whoever inquired about filming a wedding for television content.

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Ronnie and Juliana.

“Actually, given that I’m in the media, we have met several times in political and entertainment settings. My colleagues at the station (BABA TV) know him too since he brings us business. I don’t know about having an affair with him at any one time. He hasn’t even tried to hit on me. After seeing that post, I have tried to tell Juliana the truth but she doesn’t seem interested in knowing the real story. Besides, I am in a relationship,” added Kani.

At the moment, anything Ronnie, a businessman with interests in farming and electrical wares, says might be irrelevant considering this seems a catfight not about to end. On her part, Juliana wants the world to know that Kani Shamira uses her TV show to seduce grooms while on her part, Kani insists she is not about to respond to any verbal and social media attacks from Juliana.

This now leaves a couple of questions. Who is fooling who here and what could be the foundation of these claims? Did Kani actually have an affair with Ronnie? Is Juliana trying to drag down Kani and have her fired? What does Ronnie have to say in all this? The truth is we may try but never get real answers to these and more lingering questions.

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