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Events promoter expresses intention to sue Swengere Family for failing to turn up for shows


If word reaching our Celebrity Juice desk is anything to go by, the comedy outfit that Swengere Family is, is in deep sh*t! This is after an events promoter made his intention to sue them for failure to turn up for shows he booked them for on April 22nd 2019 which was Easter Monday.

Promoter Spender, the events promoter, had organized a comedy show that was to feature Taata Sam and Swengere Family in two venues, Kamuli and Iganga. The dynamics of the show were that Swengere Family would start off in Iganga and end in Kamuli while Taata Sam was to start off in Kamuli and end in Iganga. He thus dubbed the show Easter Comedy Battle.

The story, according to Promoter Spender, goes that he (Spender) met with the Swengere Family management in March this year and an agreement was reached where the latter was to perform at the two venues on Easter Monday. An amount of UGX5m was reached and a down payment of UGX500k was made.

“I made all the necessary promotions and invested in preparing for the show,” said Spender in a phone interview with Skizar. “Taata Sam turned up and Kamuli was great. The trouble was in Iganga. The crowd got rowdy and some curtain raisers were sent off stage. People demanded for Swengere. Even when Taata Sam finally came, the crowd was not satisfied as they called us crooks. Kamuli that had also been okay turned rowdy when Swengere Family didn’t show up,” he added.

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Patrick ‘Pato’ Kwezi

Spender alleges that Swengere Family has since then not made communication to him; neither with an explanation nor an apology.


“I have been a promoter for 9 years now and can’t afford to have my reputation and business be spoiled like that. I involved my lawyers and an intention to sue was served to them a week back. Surprisingly, they just received it and have not communicated back. So I’m waiting for the next course of action from my lawyers,” said Spender in a conclusive tone.

We couldn’t get a comment from Patrick Kwezi, the Swengere Family Manager, as he is out of the country. We spoke to Zakia ‘Mama Kalibbala’ Namulondo and Peter ‘Rio Alton’ Kasolo and they were not privy to the finer details of the transaction but had heard of the intention to sue.

Though not independently verified, we have been reliably informed that the intention to sue is for UGX58m. We wait to see how this unfolds.

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