DJ Shiru and John Blaq to light up Pit Stop Lounge’s Comedy Nite


Celebrated disc-spinner DJ Shiru and new music sensation John Blaq are set to turn up the heat at Pit Stop Sports Lounge next Thursday at the hangout’s monthly comedy night. It has been close to two years, last time being at the Purple Party in 2017, since DJ Shiru played in Jinja.

DJ Shiru who now ventured into music and production, and John Blaq will join comedians at Pit Stop’s comedy night, now running for the 3rd time this year.

“We are giving our patrons an early start to the Easter Holiday so instead of having only comedians, we have decided to incorporate a musician and DJ,” said Hassan Kagere, the hangout’s General Manager. “The idea is to have a lit party before we jump into the long Easter Weekend and DJ Shiru and John Blaq are just the perfect fit for that,” he added.

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Check out John Blaq’s latest jam… Makanika.

Pit Stop has since last year taken on some liking from mainly corporates and hot campus chics who patronize the place starting Wednesday through to Saturday. With their monthly comedy nights, the hangout now attracts more than jut corporates, but partiers who love a different attraction.


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