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Creatives in Jinja meet and share at the Case-Talks UG; plan to meet again


Friday 21st September saw Jinja gather creatives from within to meet and share experiences and opportunities at Case-Talks UG. The initiative, the first of its kind, gathered creatives in the different arts disciplines; music, drama, dance and visual arts at Bunna Café.

Premised on offering a support system to creative communities, Case-Talks UG was in Jinja to start the talk towards building networks and collaborative working as foundation for successful entrepreneurship.

While speaking at the networking evening, Bayimba’s Faisal Kiwewa broke down focus areas before diving straight into the topic. “You need to understand what networks you are referring to. At Bayimba, we have artistes, the audience to which we showcase the artistes and their work, we have the partners and sponsors and lastly the team at Bayimba,” he said. “So as an organization, we have different approaches for each of one of these four. But in all, I always want to keep my engagements informal,” he added.

As much as Bayimba offers a benchmark for creative investment, The Hangout Foundation’s Joshua Daaki offered a different angle when thinking about networks. “For me, before I consider collaborating with you, I first need to understand and trust you. It’s the only way I can start a chat that will end in a collaboration,” he said. “We have an event (Iganga Youth Day) where we collaborate with Africell Uganda and it’s purely based on delivering what we promise to deliver,” he added.

On his part, our own Ian Kiryowa highlighted the importance of networks. His emphasis was mainly on knowing what you are doing before you can convince someone to come on board. “Truthfully, we have not been into any collaborations but we are an offspring of networks. it is really great that on the panel is a person (Faisal Kiwewa) who offered me a chance to meet and share with other creative at the first DOADOA,” Ian intimated. “It is from those networks that we have gained industry knowledge to the effect that we had to rebrand and also have a proper business model for Skizar. We are here today because we benefited from networking and as we go on, collaborations are surely on the way,” he added.


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Moderated by KQ Hub’s Wabwire Joseph, the panelists of the day, Faisal, Joshua and Ian engaged with the audience and it was evident there was a huge need to meet up to share ideas and experience, something we’re sure can foster collaborations.

Case-Talks UG is an initiative of UK based In Place of War (IPOW), an organization that has worked with creative communities in some of the most challenging contexts in the world. IPOW is a support system for community artistic, creative and cultural organizations in places of conflict, revolution and areas suffering the consequences of conflict.

The Jinja case talk was put together by Jinja’s The Creative Tribe, the MasterCard Foundation and In Place of War.

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