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Comedian Swengere no longer at BABA FM; fired among other staff

First was something that to date hasn’t been understood by either anyone or Swengere himself. That the radio comedian was suspended for indiscipline hasn’t yet been a satisfactory answer to anyone seeking answers as to why their favorite radio comedian is off air.

We cannot speculate, since no one seems to want to give any answers, but the truth of the matter is that Hussein Muyonjo better known to you as Swengere was in July, this year, suspended and info coming through recently is that the man behind the Swengere radio skits and video clips is no longer a part of money-bags and Jinja West MP, Balyeku Moses Grace’s 87.7 BABA FM.

A Kampala based and founded blog, E-News wrote on September 11th 2016 that Jinja MP, Moses Balyeku fires staff at BABA FM. In the story, the writer made a serious claim that Moses Balyeku had fired half of his staff as a way of eliminating Basoga from the station. We went out of our way to verify the claims and what we discovered was something different.

BABA FM has the largest number of field and station staff in Busoga region and given the cost of running the station, it was decided that the staffing bill had to be reduced. This called for a serious staff appraisal. The decision to let go of some staff members, according to our highly placed source at the station, was an objective staff appraisal.

“Longido doesn’t have any issues with Busoga or the Basoga. In fact, he is one man who sold Lusoga in Kampala while still at Radio Simba. The claim by that blog stemmed from an audio clip that Swengere circulated saying Longido hated Basoga. The boss (Balyeku) on the other hand is a Musoga from Luuka…hating Basoga would be hating himself too. Those are rumors”, said our source.


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We are not yet sure and chances are will never be as to why Rev. Nelson Otto (former News Editor), Betty Byuma, Hussein Muyonjo, and Alitubeera Gloria were cut off but we confirmed that Harriet resigned after she was reallocated to a Sunday show something that didn’t suit her schedule.

The new changes we were able to chance on are that the morning show, Kokolioko is now done by Hassan Muwanga and Sir Rio Alton Kasolo with Dr. Longido coming in with a brief segment Bakayita Magezi that also slots in the evening drive show, Ekibiitu. Tusenvule that runs from 10am to 2 pm and used to have Swengere as a co-host is now hosted by Zakia Namulondo and Jazz Jazz. At 2pm through to 3pm, Ddamulira Twahir, Musajja Wakabaka, comes in with Isabirye David Aga with Eitu Ly’amawulire.

The station’s prime sports show, Vuvuzela, now runs from 3pm to 4pm and is hosted by Kalanzi and Mutaka Joseph. Big Daddy and Tonny Wantimba jumped down from the morning show to host Ekibiitu from 4pm to 7pm. The other programs are not affected and run normally.

“The rumors that Longido is eliminating Basoga and Olusoga are baseless. In fact, in the new changes, Lusoga was given the biggest segmentation” added our source.

In related news, Swengere has become a hot cake after Bukedde TV started airing his video clips. News filtering through is that Laftaz Comedy Lounge wants to give him a platform, while other corporate companies try to beat their way to the now household name.


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