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Bahati’s Henry humiliates self; causes scene at Laftaz


If there’s a couple that makes for interesting gossip fodder, it is Bahati Pascaline and her baby daddy Henry Kakooza; their run-ins just don’t seem to end. When one run-in ends, another one just happens. Saturday night served patrons at Laftaz Comedy Lounge another episode off the “Henry & Bahati” series.

After pulling the plug on their relationship early this year, Bahati had kind of disappeared off the social scene in Jinja. Her choice seems to have come from the need to create as much space between her and Henry, the father of her kids. This was probably going on well for her till Saturday night.

According to Bahati, she came out with her sister who had for long pestered her to give her company for quite a long time now. “I made a pledge never to hang out in Jinja and she (the sister) has been begging me to go out with her and I always turned it down,” said Bahati in a brief chat with our scoop. “It always hurt me seeing her go out alone because she hates it. So, for some reason, I decided against my pledge and went out with her,” she added.

While at Laftaz, the two met up with guys whom Bahati claims were her sister’s friends. Like any people sharing a table, it wasn’t long before Bahati loosened up to their fun and company. They popped bottles, laughed, joked and danced.

“Everything came to a standstill as Henry continued advancing with “She’s my woman!…”


“We shared a table with friends of my sis and after some time, as I was dancing, Henry came and pulled me to go have a talk with him. I refused and told him to sit down and have the talk there. He refused and walked away. If I had gone to wherever he wanted us to have the talk from, he would have hit me,” said Bahati in a defensive tone.

Henry and Bahati sharing an intimate moment

As the night went on, the DJ played Fik Fameika’s Property “… Mm hmmm. My property… My woman is my property…” and Henry who seemed to have been watching from a distance couldn’t help seeing his Bahati dancing to the song with some other guy; he immediately pounced.

Unknown to him, the guys with Bahati and the sister are security operatives and could have manhandled him but they kept their cool and instead refrained him from attacking her. Everything came to a standstill as Henry continued advancing with “She’s my woman!” The music stopped, the cheating stopped and the service froze; that is how scenic the situation was. Bahati was disinterested in his presence and that seemed to wrap up the situation. Henry was eventually restrained but with a bruised ego.

We are digging to find out where these two actually stand right now; are they on a break? Are they still together? Is it Togikwatako or Gikwateko? Are they making a publicity stunt? Who is whose property now?

Bahati worked formerly at Nizam Road based 89 Smart FM before joining BBS Telefayina some time last year. Her stint at BBS was as short as Pemba’s member and so much for causing more drama in her relationship.


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