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BABA FM’s Alfa Tymz takes a look back on 2016 and peeks into 2017

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Many a times, Skizar has been criticized by some circles for being lopsided when analyzing stuff. This time round, we sought out the views of BABA FM’s Alfa Tymz on what the highlights of 2016 were and what his predictions for 2017 were. Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this as you wait for our double edged 2016 wrap up (#SWU2016 – Skizar Wrap Up 2016).

Who would you say were your top 5 celebrities for this year?

5.Mayor Majid Batambuze
I have the mayor in the #5 position for trouncing his arch nemesis Hajji Muhammad Baswale Kezaala in the recent polls. It isn’t unusual that an incumbent politician is floored but Majid had been at it for some time and he gave Jinja reason to vote Kezaala out. Kezaala has been engraved in Jinja politics and it wasn’t an easy ride for Majid. That “never give up” attitude was for world cup.

Hussein Muyonjo who kick-started his comedy career at BABA FM has enjoyed success all the way. He got a Bukedde TV deal that gets him aired on a daily. He is the most viewed comedian on TV and a look at his YouTube channel shows he’s the most viewed person in Jinja.

3.Park U Omubaaya
There are so many musicians in Jinja but for the whole of this year, it was only one of them who was relevant and that was Park U. Park U is the only Jinja artist that had a hit song, Swagg. The song was on rotation in even places that despise music from the homeboys. Besides, he is the only musician who had a show this year and registered a sizeable turn up. I give it up to him for the hard work.

Mzee Kamada performing at Laftaz Comedy Lounge in Kampala

2.Mzee Kamada
Kamada kicked of his comedy journey at Apex FM, then joined James Mutyabule’s Victoria FM where his comedy got him into some issues, he later on joined KoTV. He has been given a platform at Laftaz in both Jinja and Kampala, he has been programmed at Diners Lounge… he has had a good year on a high. We can comfortably say he has put in much work to be where he is now.

We all remember how this beat maker SideSoft had a very bad ending with his then girlfriend, Sandra Sanjja. He had his lowest moments then. It was a disappointment no one thought he would jump out of given his attachment to her but he rose up, dusted himself, and packed his stuff to join Humble Records. He has been behind a couple of hit songs across the country like Tonzoleya (Topic Kasente & Sheebah), Mulimu Ki (Nutty Neithan), Swagg (Park U), Zari (Jazz Mavoko) and a couple of others. As we speak, he is the most sought after beat maker in Kampala and Jinja. Actually, he is the only sought after beat maker in Jinja; almost all artistes I interface with ask me how to link up with him.

Who or what would you say didn’t live up to your expectations?

Sandra Sanjja at the QP Anniversary

3.Sandra Sanjja
It is such a pity that with all the resources at her disposal, Sandra has failed to have relevant music in 2016. She has a studio (Ultimate Records), she works on TV (KoTV), she has the Queen’s Palace mileage, she talks to a number of DJs… Sandra doesn’t have to pay to have her music played anywhere but 2016 hasn’t seen a relevant song from her. Kitalo!

2.Akiiki Malepuku
It goes without mention that Akiiki has been at the center of comedy and radio for some time now. He has been at NBS and Kiira FM and now at Busoga One FM. Akiiki as a comedian was offered a platform at Laftaz Comedy Lounge in Jinja but he failed to use it. The mileage that Laftaz gives any comedian is a do-or-die affair. You are a witness that when he stepped on this stage, the audience anxiously waited for him to get off and when it took longer than expected, they called him off! How bad can one be? He has failed to move away from the recycled jokes…. He failed!

1.The Kiira Carnival
The carnival in it s second edition failed in all aspects. The first one was poorly organized and I expected more, bigger, and better. The turn up was low, the publicity was low, the offering was there there. This time round, HRH Kyabazinga didn’t attend. To make it even worse, they had an event on the same day as the Queens Palace anniversary. The anniversary was a paid for event and the carnival was a fee affair. You are witness to which one had an audience.

Speaking of that, which were your top 5 hangouts this year?

5.Club Velvet
Club Velvet wasn’t expected to last this long on the entertainment circuit but it is still here. Being the youngest discotheque, Club Velvet attracted a number of top billed events like the first Regional Purple Party, the Masquerade Ball, and the Beach Party. For every new person to town, they checked out the place in search for a new club experience. Let’s put them here at #5.

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4.Club Sombreros
Club Sombreros has stood the test of time, the owners put up their “thing” and you must give it up to them that for every party animal in town, the place is a must go. You’ll find people at different events but their end point is always Sombreros.

3.The Bourbon
The Bourbon is the top waterfront night spot in town, like it or hate it. They have organized some pretty cool events like the Reggae event last month. They do not really publicize their events because they know their crowd and where to find them. For knowing their audience, lets keep them here in #3.

2.Laftaz Comedy Lounge
Laftaz has the most loyal audience. They are at this position on my list because for exactly that. You’ve been there when the audience got disappointed with last minute call-offs of their comedy shows, the guys stuck and didn’t whine. You’ll also remember that incident where screens were switched off during a soccer game; I thought guys wouldn’t go back but they went back the next day. So, for having a loyal audience, Laftaz stands in at this position.

1.Queen’s Palace
You (Skizar) have been castigated for hyping this place but let me join you on this. Queen’s Palace is one hangout in Jinja that never disappoints. You’ll surely get what they publicize. Monday to Monday, the hangout is open and teeming with a crowd. Their events have moved from ordinary bar events to talking topics in town. Their acceptance to compete is their top strength. They have surely raised the bar so high for other night spots.

Okay, so what do you think 2017 has in stock?

In no particular order, the rate at which hangouts are cropping up promises a trend for classy hangouts opening up in 2017. This year has seen The Cozy Bar open up on Iganga Road, Jamboree in the Kakindu neighborhood. Jamboree isn’t what you’d call your top bar but the clientele there makes it a worthwhile check in. Trek Lounge opened up on Christmas day and it has quickly changed the night scene in Bugembe. So I predict that new and classy hangouts are set to open up in 2017

The trend that musicians have taken is a good one and it all promises good music and good videos in the coming year. That Sandra got a collabo with Coco Finger and Hindu Asha promises good music come 2017. Park U proved that investment in a good studio production was a basic to get good music and I expect more from him.

I also predict that there’s going to be a tight media competition in 2017. NBS will have to prove they are number one as the reports say. Busoga One FM will have to live to its billing. Currently, Skizar is the only blog but who knows, one more could come up. Speaking of Skizar, with the current upward trend, I predict there’s going to be more timely reports if you guys keep it up. Just keep that WhatsApp group active, get us timely stories, getting us breaking info like you’ve done lately.

Banangeeeee! We’re even blushing! Kati what must stay in 2016?

These things of stupid beefing should end this Saturday at midnight. I expect to see Park U having some serious jazz with Kadabada, I expect to see SideSoft sharing a light moment with Barnabas of Barn Records, I expect to see people working in harmony. If there’s anything that should be murdered, it’s beef!

I expect the laziness in artists and all entertainment stakeholders to have a very bad death this year. People should go out o their way to think outside the box. Artists should think of how to get us good music, radio presenters should think beyond the point they have been used to. I expect a lot of creativeness and hard work in 2017

For crying out loud, Jinja should wake up to criticism! These things of getting criticized and people making it personal should end here and now. I expect to tell you (Skizar) about covering an event and reporting late without getting you offended, I expect to tell an artist that their music is bad without much ado. Let’s accept criticism and if you can’t, stay in 2016!

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