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AUDIO: Gazampa’s farewell to Swengere and Kasolo

As news of Swengere Family’s Swengere and Kasolo bouncing back at 87.7 BABA FM makes rounds in both physical and virtual spaces, the reactions from the public are mixed as would be expected.

Immediately after their exit at BABA FM in 2016, lines were drawn and the flames of both direct and indirect verbal attacks were sparked and fanned for a long time. Camps for both the BABA FM and the ex-staffers were created and a very volatile situation was birthed that it seemed impossible that this duo bouncing back would ever happen in a million years.

Back at what has been their home at 90.6 Busoga One FM, colleagues seem unsure of what to make of yesterday’s events as it seems both unreal and real in equal measure. On Biva Muntuuyo, 90.6 Busoga One FM’s morning show, co-host Peter M. Gazampa, also a former staffer at BABA FM spoke of the news and wished the duo the best wherever they are headed.

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“News making rounds since yesterday is that Mr. Kasolo and Mr. Swengere have bounced back at BABA FM. I just wish to say that every time you make a decision, given that God gives us the gift for decision making, it is up to you to make a good or bad decision. We wish them all the best wherever they are headed; be it BABA FM or anywhere else. We also wish for their prayers or us to continue with what they started and have left here,” said Peter M. Gazampa on air this morning.

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