Councilmen Nasser Ashraf and Kadoko petition JMC to censure Bernard Mbayo

As anticipated by our investigative team, a petition to censure the embattled Bernard Mbayo has been filed to Jinja Municipal Council. The petition was moved by the Councilman representing Jinja East Parish, Salongo Nasser Ashraf and seconded by his colleague representing Kimaka Parish, Zakayo Kadoko.

As documented, the petition was premised on Section 26A of the Local Government Act Cap 243. The undersigned furnished grounds for censorship which included Bernard Mbayo facing criminal charges, his failure to report the said anomaly to JMC, and the perception that his criminal charges taint the name of JMC.

In a recorded audio byte making rounds on Jinja-based and focused WhatsApp groups, Salongo Nasser claims the petition is done in good faith. “Honorable Speaker, we are putting that petition forward to you, it’s not that we’re doing it in bad faith… but for the image of Jinja Municipal Council he (Mbayo) should explain to us what exactly transpired that day,” said Councilman Salongo Nasser Ashraf. “We as honourable councillors, we move around town and every single person is pointing a finger at us as the people eating bribes and not developing the city. It is not only us being tainted but the Jinja Municipal Council,” he added.

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Councilman Salongo Nasser Ashraf’s petition to JMC. (COURTESY BYTE)

It remains to be seen how this petition will be treated and the pubic sentiments about the same. Already, pockets of the public have shifted focus to signature number 13, which happens to belong to Mrs Balyeku Joy, mother to Mr Balyeku Moses Grace. Mr Balyeku is the Member of Parliament representing Jinja West Constituency and is embroiled in a land scandal on LRV3852 Folio 22 Plot 24, Kyabazinga Way, in Nalufenya.

What is the connection?

It should be remembered that Councilman Bernard Mbayo was one of the outspoken critics against what is alleged to be fraudulent dealings on that said land. Such scenarios are now feeding public perception about Bernard Mbayo’s arrest and the filed petition.

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