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ARTISTES: Can your fans get your music online? Do you have a website?

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Time and again, I always go through a hustle finding new music of underground/budding artists (by the way, I hate the term ‘upcoming’ artiste). Every once in a while, I stumble onto a really nice song but on asking around, no one know its title, let alone the artiste. To make it even worse, Shazam is a dead end here; it also can’t pick up results on the song.

As an artiste, your top priority should be easing access to your music. Have an online platform where your music can be gotten. Invest in a website. Your music should be published on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and above all, Shazam.

For the Uganda case, an artiste will send you YouTube links once you ask for a particular song of theirs. It looks cool and many will continue doing this but it is wrong; YouTube isn’t your office!

Let’s look at the different scenarios. Can a promoter book you through YouTube? Is your performance calendar on YouTube? Does YouTube have your bio? See, it is just pathetic! I personally consume and enjoy audio over videos. I rarely go through with your YouTube links, unless if I had asked for a video which happens once in a while in Jan-never!

YKee Benda is one artiste who has embraced digital. Check out his website at

I know you’re already creating an excuse, “But it’s expensive getting website!” No! It is very cheap. Remember this is your online office address and everyone at any point should be directed to your website, not some third-party platforms.

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This, in essence, simplifies any journalist or radio/TV host’s job in case they need to feature you in an article or discussion. Make sure your website has an articulate bio, updated with the latest Hi-Res photos, an event calendar of where you’re to perform and all about you as an artiste. A time soon comes and no journo has to call you to verify small details like your birthday, hobbies, music style, et cetera; everything will be found on the site.

The other big role a website plays is aiding in building an Email List. Everyone who visits your site definitely wants to know who you are so, push them to subscribe for the latest updates. In case there is new dropping, they will be the first ones to know.

Bottom line is, you need a website as an artiste. Actually, if this article speaks to you and you feel you need to start right away, I recommend One Mark. They will better advise on how to go about it. One Mark is a sister property of Skizar.

See you next Friday as we build this industry brick by brick.

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