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‘Ani Asinga’ Motorbike championship is back; riders more than ready

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For a couple of years now, sports scouting and management company, TangoSport, has been behind a couple of sports initiatives including the Ani Asinga Motorbike Championship, whose maiden edition was last year in December.

Yesterday, the second edition of the motorbike championship was launched at Bax Bar & Restaurant at a press briefing that also had a cross-section of riders and was graced by Moses Grace Balyeku, the Member of Parliament representing Jinja West, Rev. Nelson Lufafa who represents Butembe Constituency in Parliament and Phillip Bogere, the PAACO Events Plus boss, a company that recently partnered with TangoSport to produce their sporting events.

While speaking at the press launch, TangoSport CEO Joseph Mutaka pledged classy organization that meets Federation of Motosport Uganda (FMU) standards.

“We promise all sports lovers in Eastern Uganda and Uganda at large that this year’s event is to make history. We had only Ugandan riders last year but we are lucky that this time we have been allowed by the Motocross governing body to bring in riders from Kenya so expect something that has never happened before,” intimated Mutaka. “We are very ready for this event and everything is moving according to plan. We have over 50 riders and the event will start at 8:00am that day,” he added.

On his part, Peter ‘Brown’, President of Eastern Motor Club, applauded TangoSport and the championship partners for continuously supporting the growth of motorsport in Jinja.

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After the press launch at Bax Bar & Restaurant, the over 30 riders showcased their riding skills at the Main Street Primary School grounds which is also the venue for the December 16th 2018 event. Entrance to the grounds will be UGX 7,000 for adults and UGX 4,000.

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