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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Skizar has been operational since 2011 and we only had a re-brand to be able to serve your needs better. The new brand was launched in March 2015, and has since taken quite a liking by entertainment enthusiasts.

Skizar is an entertainment website focusing, showcasing, and shining the spotlight on the best of fashion, travel, music, decor, hangouts, and celebrities in Jinja.

By advertising with us, you reach hundreds of thousands of readers who are specifically interested in entertainment, arts, lifestyle, and culture in Jinja.

Advertising Options

Currently, our advertising options are fixed-placement ads.

Skizar offers PCM (Per Calendar Month) Ad spots for larger companies and campaign buys. Ads are available in standard-sized ad units (see right)

  • Leaderboard (970 x 120)
    Appears in the website header
  • Sidebar (300 x 250)
    Appears in the sidebar
  • Article Inline (700 x 150)
    Appears at start and end of each post
  • Footer (728 x 90)
    Appears in the website footer
  • Skyscraper (300 x 600)
    Appears in the sidebar

To advertise with us…

Please contact us at sales@skizar.com to book a targeted PCM banner Ad campaign with us