#AboutClubDome: CrazyMC’s boob moment

CrazyMC with a Club Dome usher. (Photo Skizar)

There’s a saying to the effect that boys will always be boys. For some its too off but for some, it’s a perfect description of character. We couldn’t help but notice that 89 Smart FM’s Simon Peter Aliddeki a.k.a. CrazyMC is really Mutabani wa Nakuya!

The boy who no longer needs introduction was one of the few Jinja celebrities that were at Crested Crane at 3pm; the stipulated time for the Club Dome. It could be argued that he was simply being British about time but the events later in the day proved otherwise.

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From so many vantage points, CrazyMC scouted for two things; beer and women. It wasn’t just women but women that were gifted with boobs!

CrazyMC lost in the boob cushion of Club Velvet’s Grace

Our camera’s caught the Ssente Zange singer enjoying the moment of his life when Club Velvet’s Grace and a Club Dome usher offered him their cleavage as a cushion. Hips don’t lie but that’s stale Shakira jazz… Photos don’t lie and we just proved it.